Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of standardisation?

Consumer Benefits:

  • Standards ensure that consumers are protected from hazards to their health and safety.
  • Standards promote and protect economic interests of consumers.
  • Standards ensure that consumers have easier access to and greater choice in goods and services.
  • Standards ensure improved quality and reliability.
  • Standards ensure better operation and compatibility between products and services.
  • Standards ensure the availability of effective consumer redress.

Industry Benefits:

  • Standards lower installation and start-up costs.
  • Standards inspire added trust in your business.
  • Standards can assist business to meet mandatory regulations.
  • Standards ensure improved quality and reliability.
  • Standards can create a competitive advantage by improving the quality of your goods and services.
  • Standards open new markets by assuring new customers that you meet their quality requirements.
  • Standards attract new customers.
  • Standards reduce cost in the way you do business.

Further information:

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